Collaborative Strategies Network

A global, multi-disciplinary professional network which provides insight into the complex challenges that we face as a society

The Collaborative Strategies Network was founded by Lucian J Hudson in January 2009 and was registered as a company limited by guarantee on 16 June 2010.  Lucian is a strategy and communications specialist, and leading authority on collaboration and partnership between government, business and civil society. His expertise is in business transformation, brokering and building alliances, and supporting leaders and teams to deliver results during times of change and crisis.  Over the past 10 years, he has served as Director of Communication in three large Whitehall departments, mostly recently the FCO. He was executive producer and television journalist for 17 years at BBC and ITV.

Lucian is the author of a much acclaimed report, “The Enabling State: Collaborating for Success” which the UK government published in September 2009. He is Founder and Chairman of the Collaborative Strategies Network, which taps the expertise and experience of more than 80 professionals from across nations, sectors and disciplines to research and develop collaboration. He is a Partner and the Managing Director of Cornerstone Global, a strategy and management consulting company; Chairman of Liberal Judaism; Chairman of the Collaborative Strategies Network; Governor of the Leo Baeck College; and a Strategic Advisor to the Oxford Literary Festival.

Collaborative Strategies Network leaders:

  • President: Professor Peter Allen
  • Chairman: Lucian J. Hudson
  • Secretary: Alan Anstead
  • Project Co-ordination: Ghanem Nuseibeh
  • Research: Dave Marsay
  • Chroniclers and Advisers to the Chairman: Patrick Beautement, Dr. Jamie MacIntosh and Christine Broenner
  • Website (internet and intranet): Dr Ali_Fisher
    and Robin Brattel
  • Communications: Richard Lewis

    Areas of Expertise:
  • Collaborative Leadership in the Public Sector: Alex Plant
  • Collaboration and Social Policy: Mark Napier
  • Collaboration and Business: Robin Brattel
  • Collaboration and Civil Society: Nicholas Colloff and Alan Anstead
  • Collaboration, Networks and Social Media: Dr. Sue_Black
    and Dr Ali_Fisher
  • Collaboration and Human Capital: Margaret Prythergch
  • Collaboration, Risk and Regulation: Roger Miles


Sue Black is a Senior Research Associate with the Software Systems Engineering group in the Department of Computer Science at University College London. You can also find Sue on Wikipedia, Linkedin, Facebook and Twitter. In 2009 Sue was named Tech Hero by ITPRO magazine: “We look to Sir Tim, Sue Black and other tech leaders for inspiration”. She was also presented with the BCS John Ivinson award and nominated for the Computer Weekly IT Blog Awards 2009: IT Twitter User of the Year

Ali Fisher specialises in providing insight to enhance organizational strategy and evaluation through network analysis. He regularly advises governments, charities, companies, and NGO on best practice for online engagement, collaboration and network building. He is honorary research fellow in the School of Clinical and Experimental Medicine at the University of Birmingham where he also completed his PhD in the department of American Studies.

In addition, Ali spends much of his time as an independent public diplomacy strategist and scholar. During 2010 his work has been published on a range of topics including; identifying meaningful networks for use in public diplomacy strategy, the use of social media after the Iranian Election and he has edited a book on the future of US public diplomacy.

The Collaborative Strategies Network was founded by Lucian J Hudson in January 2009 and was registered as a company limited by guarantee on 16 June 2010. Lucian is a strategy and communications specialist, and leading authority on collaboration and partnership between government, business and civil society. His expertise is in business transformation, brokering and building alliances, and supporting leaders and teams to deliver results during times of change and crisis. Over the past 10 years, he has served as Director of Communication in three large Whitehall departments, mostly recently the FCO. He was executive producer and television journalist for 17 years at BBC and ITV.

Lucian is the author of a much acclaimed report, “The Enabling State: Collaborating for Success” [Hyperlink: ], which the UK government published in September 2009. He is Founder and Chairman of the Collaborative Strategies Network, which taps the expertise and experience of more than 70 professionals from across nations, sectors and disciplines to research and develop collaboration. He is a Partner and the Managing Director of Cornerstone Global, a strategy and management consulting firm; Chairman of Liberal Judaism; Chairman of the Collaborative Strategies Network; Governor of the Leo Baeck College; and a Strategic Advisor to the Oxford Literary Festival.

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